The Orthodox Mission in Pakistan

ep-flagThe Orthodox Mission in Pakistan is the Canonical Orthodox Church in Pakistan. The OMP is under Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and the Omophorion of Metropolitan Constantinos of Singapore and South Asia. The OMP’s primary mission is to serve the spiritual needs of the country’s Orthodox faithful. OMP also seeks to witness to and represent Christ’s love by ministering to those in need, without regard to caste, creed, religion, or other social distinctions.

Dear Friends of OMP,

We hope this newsletter finds you well. Fr John and Presvytera Rosy continue to labor for the Church under difficult circumstances, strengthening, supporting and comforting the Orthodox faithful in their daily lives. We’ve included here a few highlights of recent activities. Each time we speak with Fr John, he emphasizes how much he is encouraged and strengthened by the support and prayers of Orthodox brethren around the world. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. And please help us spread the word about Fr John and the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan, by sharing this email with your fellow parishioners and friends.

OMP Offers Help and Comfort in Time of Need
On Sunday, March 27, a suicide bomb blast in a park in Lahore killed more than 70 people, many of them Christians who were celebrating Easter. The park is less than 1 kilometer from Fr John’s home. He heard the blast and ran to the scene that day, witnessing the “horrible situation.” Recently, Fr John and Presvytera Rosy carried out a food distribution, providing sacks of flour, sugar and tea to families who were affected by the bombing.
OMP Support to Girls and WomenWhen we speak with Fr John, he always mentions his special concern for girls and young women, especially those who have been the victims of kidnappings and rape. Unfortunately, these crimes are not uncommon against Christian teens and women, who are often then disowned by their families out of shame. Fr John wants to create a shelter for these teenagers and young women and provide skills training to them, so that they can provide for themselves. Recently he helped to return three kidnapped teenagers and women to the community.

Fr John Interviewed by NY Radio Program

On March 31, Fr John was interviewed by WIBX 950AM, a talk radio program in Utica, NY. In the interview, Fr John talks about the persecution faced by Christians in Pakistan, their struggles and needs. Listen to the interview here on YouTube.

Fr. John’s Prayer Requests

“There are so many seekers here,” says Fr John. “But due to the situation, they are in fear so they cannot openly proclaim. So pray for them and for me and Rosy also. Pray for our Metropolitan (His Eminence Konstantinos) and our community and the people of Pakistan and for peace in this country.”

Consider Becoming a Monthly Donor!

Please consider becoming a monthly donor. No amount is too small. Even $10 a month makes a real difference to OMP! Monthly donations give Fr John more stability and enable him to plan the assistance he provides to the Orthodox community. It’s easy to do – follow the steps here on our website.
Click here to learn more about the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan, and to make a convenient donation online.


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