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When the forty-two Greek commanders from Ammoria were in Agaha’s prison [refer to March 6], certain Muslim sages came to counsel them to embrace the faith of Mohammed and thereby receive their freedom.

These sages stressed to these Christian commanders the two advantages of Islam over Christianity:
First: Mohammed is a more recent prophet than Christ and,
Second: the Muslims were victorious on all sides over Christianity by which God clearly points out the truth of their religion.

To the first point, the commanders replied, “If two men are debating over a field, and one has many witnesses that the field is his and the other does not have any witnesses except his own personal statement, what do you think? Whose field is it?”

To this the Agha’s men replied, “By all means, the field is his who had many witnesses.”

To that, the commanders replied, “By yourselves you have judged in favor of Christ and against Mohammed for Christ had with Him the witnesses of all the Prophets and Apostles, but Mohammed alone witnesses to himself.”

To the second point, the commanders replied, “If you would gauge the truth of a faith by victories in wars, then this would mean that all the idolatrous nations, who from time to time have conquered the world, such as the Persians, Greeks, Romans and others, possessed the true faith.

This, even you Muslims would never acknowledge. And because you have been victorious over the Christians now, this does not mean that your faith is better; rather, that our sins are greater and because of this, God punishes us, through you.”

Prologue of Ochrid


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